The Labour MP candidate, I live and work in the constituancy

Liz Pole, Labour Party Candidate for Tiverton and Honiton


I have run a successful international business software company for 20 years, and I have a track record of vision, creative thinking, motivation, leadership, and seeing through projects to success.

I live near Axminster with my husband and two children, 15 and 14, in local schools. I’m a school governor and library helper, on the Health and Wellbeing Forum, and I run a grant-funded empowerment programme for South West peninsula women. I have an economics degree and have worked in the USA in business analysis and financial control. I chair the Labour Party in the constituency, I have been a girl scout leader and have chaired school fundraising efforts for many years. 


Best placed to beat the Conservatives

Labour is in strong opposition to the Conservatives in Tiverton and Honiton, leaving the other opposition parties far behind


Building a better future

Devon is a beautiful and resilient place. I love knocking on doors with Labour, as it involves meeting so many people and hearing about how they live and what’s important. It means helping people when their carer hasn't turned up or when they need help finding services. To be fair, even local Conservatives are sick of this government’s sticking plaster policies, and would like to do more.


With Vision

I am standing for election because Labour has the best offer for rural, small-town and coastal Devon, backed by services and investment for young people, families and the elderly alike. I want our constituents to return to and improve upon the amenity of better times, with transport, communications, schools, health services, social care and small business support. Better for the many, not the few. We will build 100,000 genuinely affordable and social homes a year for ten years so our young people can live here on local wages. We will tackle low wages and end insecure employment.  

Labour will achieve net zero carbon by 2030 by focusing on green technology, including offshore wind. Farming and fishing funds will support sustainable practices, smaller traders, local economies and community benefits. A regional investment bank for the South West will fund small and medium enterprises, cooperatives and innovative projects.

Devon residents want value for community, heritage and environment, as well as value for money. I am the best choice to represent Tiverton and Honiton.

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